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RTS Wheels AutoCare Center – Wheel Balancing

RTS Wheels AutoCare Center – Wheel Balancing

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Wheels must be balanced with tires in order to operate efficiently and safely. The balance, imbalance or any imperfection in the rim causing a disturbance or change in the free rotation spinning of a tires and wheels on a vehicle can cause excessive wear, uncomfortable ride and even cause for an increase in your fuel efficiency.

RTS Wheels - Balancing Tires

Have your wheels balanced at RTS for better, safer & smarter ride.

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RTS Wheels can provide the best possible service for wheel balancing with our Hunter Road-Force wheel balancing equipment.

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We are always stocking our warehouses with the newest and greatest tires from, Dunlop, Nitto, Goodyear, Toyo, General, Continental, Firestone, Lexani, Carbon, Pirellis, Vogues, Hancook, Forgioto tires. Some of the hottest wheels, Asanti, Lexani, Monster, XD, XIX, Sevesia, Vogue, Dub, Dropstars, TIS's Lorenzo, KMC, V-Tec, Nexen and more rims for any car, SUV, truck, pick-up even commercial tires BF Goodrich and Forklift tires.