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Our mission is for everyone on the road to be safe and their vehicles to run great, Our job is to ensure customers are being taken care of as well as their vehicles. Come see RTS in action and see for yourself.

What we do is help each individual differently,working to their specific needs and asking the right questions so we give our customers exactly what they require.

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Our Team

Meet Our Great Team


Sergio Nieto/Manager

Sergio is an excellent manager but more than that, works great with customers and knows exactly what wheels, tires, rims, etc. you need for your car. He can also help advise you of the proper maintenance for your vehicle.


Joseph Albergo/Director of I.T.

Joseph is a new member to RTS and is working on making our already great customer service, even better!


Fernando Morfin/Owner

Fernando has been helping folks with their vehicles for almost 2 decades. His kindness and expertise play hand in hand while working with people of all ages and knowing exactly what it is they are looking for.

Check out some of the newest and hottest wheels here at RTS!

We are always stocking our warehouses with the newest and greatest tires from, Dunlop, Nitto, Goodyear, Toyo, General, Continental, Firestone, Lexani, Carbon, Pirellis, Vogues, Hancook, Forgioto tires. Some of the hottest wheels, Asanti, Lexani, Monster, XD, XIX, Sevesia, Vogue, Dub, Dropstars, TIS's Lorenzo, KMC, V-Tec, Nexen and more rims for any car, SUV, truck, pick-up even commercial tires BF Goodrich and Forklift tires.